Manuel de la Peña MD, Ph.D.

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Mr. Manuel de la Peña, Doctor “cum laude” in medicine, professor, writer, academic, researcher and with successful experiences in management.

  • Chair of the European Institute for Health and Social Welfare, (1996-present), promoting the philosophy of medical excellence in patient care.
  • Founder of the Grupo Hospitalario Europeo (2013-present).
  • Doctor Cum Laude in Biomedicine from the European University of Madrid. Doctoral thesis in Cardiology: “Cardiopatients, factores de riesgo cardiovascular en pacientes con cardiopatía isquémica” (2009).
  • Professor of Cardiology at the San Pablo-CEU University (2009 – present) and director of the CEU Chair of the Heart (2011-2015).
  • Academic Numerary of the Academy of the Diplomacy, named in 2014 and showing the chair of Francés de Álava y Beamonte, Embajador de Felipe II.
  • WHO Contact Point (1997-2016) and Director of the Collaborating Center of the World Health Organization in Spain (2004-2016).
  • Guest Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Uruguay (2009).
  • Director and Professor of the Cardiovascular Diseases Program of the School of Health Sciences of the Complutense University (1990-1996) through an agreement with the Ministry of Health of Spain.
  • Professor of Cardiology of the School of Occupational Medicine attached to the Ministry of Health (1986-1990).
  • Executive Advisor to the Minister of the Interior (1990-1994) where he has managed to carry out a modernization plan for 60 Health Centers, in which he created and directed the Cardiocheck Research Program, with 17,354 cardiological studies, considered one of the largest studies in the world .
  • In Research, he has carried out the Cardiopatients study, performed in post-infarcted coronary patients, evaluating therapeutic adherence.
  • As a result of his studies, he has created “Cardiocheck”, which is a technological protocol based on innovative imaging tests that allow an early diagnosis of cardiac pathology (1995).
  • Secretary of the Institute of Medical Training of the General Council of Physicians of Spain WTO, participating in the creation of the criteria for accreditation of medical education (1995).
  • He has published more than 150 informative articles on health in the magazine “El Empresario”, an expression body of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Madrid, at the stage of Fernando Fernández-Tapias, as president.
  • He has written several books, among which are: Tratado del Corazón, Excelencia Sanitaria, Necesidades de los Pacientes and Empresas Saludables.
  • Dr. Manuel de la Peña is the author of the blog The Power to Cure, in which he writes articles combining medicine and philosophy, in order to help the transfer of knowledge to patients. Among its almost fifty articles, different topics related to health and thinking are explored. In addition, it invites reflection on the human being and its potential to improve.

Manuel de la Peña

Manuel de la Peña

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