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Medical Education

We promote the training of professionals and the development of opinion leaders

01. We contribute

to the development of the professional competence of managers, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and dentists.

02. We train

in skills and good practices to professionals and future leaders so that they can create value in the health sector.

03. We develop

training activities and dynamic tools that provide solid support in professional practice.

Medical Education

In the European Institute for Health and Social Welfare we have a whole repertoire of online Masters, Experts and Courses in different areas of training aimed at the academic and professional development of students.

Medical education for health professionals as well as many other interdisciplinary programs for different professional sectors

Our master and expert health and interdisciplinary training programs are accredited by the prestigious Universidad Católica San Antonio (UCAM) and have ECTS credits.

Credits ECTS formación sanitaria Medical education ECTS

Credits ECTS

ECTS credits are credits that adapt to the Bologna plan regulations. This means that the programs that offer them are updated within the systems of degrees and regulation of academic credits. In addition, different universities across Europe recognize these ECTS credits for the formalization of validations.

Medical education | IESBS Titles

Masters degrees

  • Máster en Cardiología y Patología Cardiovascular.
  • Máster en Dirección y Gestión de Servicios de Salud (Título propio de la Universidad).
  • Máster en Medicina de Familia y Atención Primaria de Salud.
  • Máster en Medicina Interna.
  • Máster en Peritaje del Daño Corporal y Psicosocial (Título propio de la Universidad).
  • Máster en Salud laboral.
  • Máster en Medicina de Urgencias, emergencias y Catástrofes.
  • Máster en Dirección y Gestión Sanitaria.
  • Máster en Atención Médico-Quirúrgica.
  • Máster en Atención Pediátrica.
  • Máster en Atención Farmacéutica.
  • Máster en Protocolo, Relaciones Institucionales y Organización de Eventos (Título propio de la Universidad).

Expert degrees

  • Experto en Valoración del daño corporal (Título propio de la Universidad).
  • Experto en Gestión Sanitaria.
  • Experto Salud Laboral.
  • Experto en Gestión de Empresas Saludables. (Título propio de la Universidad).
  • Experto en Dirección y Gestión de Clínicas (Título Propio de la Universidad).


Our health training methodology is unique in the education sector. Applied to our training programs, it optimizes the student’s experience and improves the acquisition of knowledge and skills that, thanks to our courses, can be achieved. The PIDAMIS methodology is built on 7 main pillars: it is Practical, Intuitive, Divided, Autonomous, Multimedia, Interactive and Social.

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Medical education

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