Healthy company: the road to excellence

Human capital, the best asset of your company

Health as an asset

We create and promote the Healthy Business Model in order to “turn health into the main asset of your company”.

In company

We help companies build the health value of their employees, creating “in company”, training activities that promote healthy habits and styles.


We train companies with actions and awards to be certified with the AENOR “Healthy Company” standard, in which the European Institute has collaborated.

What is a healthy company?

It is one that creates healthy work environments using and promoting ways that can be influenced:

    • Personal health resources.
    • Physical work environment.
    • Psychosocial work environment.
    • Participation of the company in the community.

Conceptual Map

empresa saludable Healthy company empresa22

How to build a healthy company?

    • We help you by training your managers and professionals, through the Expert Course in Healthy Business Management, in management skills to lead organizational change.
    • We train you to design a healthy business project that is sustainable and efficient.
    • We train your employees with in-company courses to turn them into real agents promoting healthy environments.

To know the Healthy Company model, we have published a book that serves as a guide.

What are the benefits of having a healthy company?

  • By implementing a healthy business culture, the performance of human capital and its well-being can be optimized.
  • Team productivity is boosted, making it active and healthy.
  • All indicators are improved and good practices are guaranteed.

Examples of Successful Healthy Companies

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